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Pension Amnesia Veľký Meder Veĺký Meder, Veĺký Meder Accommodation

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Pension Amnesia street Nitrianska Velky Meder lodgings old name Čalovo Velky Meder..

Pension Amnesia bar and a restaurant with a unique interior solution is 20 km away from Komarno and 15 km from Velky Meder in quiet and peaceful surroundings. Store 2 four-bed and 1 double room with vlstnou bathroom, TV, kitchen with refrigerator, air-conditioning room. Restaurant with 40 seats, 20 seats bar, terrace 30 seats are ideal for family reunions, weddings and business events.

Central Sports Complex pond and offers the possibility of active rest. Other Services: Infrared sauna, solarium, massage, beauty salon.

Type of rooms
2 bedroom4 bedroom

Furnishings of rooms: shower, toilet in room, frige, Air-conditioning in Shared Spaces, TV, fitting, sink in the room

Basic information: air-conditioning, reserved parking Lot, massage salon, cosmetic Salon

Number of floors: 1

Accessibility of facility:

Name of centre: Veĺký Meder (15 km)

Thermal spa: Veĺký Meder (15 km)


Restaurant: (Seating capacity 40)

Day bar: (Seating capacity 20)

Garden restaurant: (Seating capacity 30)


Capacity for conferences:

Accommodation Price-list:

DatePer person
1.1-31.1230 - 35

Currency: EUR

Price includes:

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Pension Amnesia Veľký MederPension Amnesia Veľký MederPension Amnesia Veľký Meder
BOOKING - Non-binding order

ICQ: 102 162 937
Skype: penzion-hotel
Telefon: +420 775 684 048
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