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SPA Jeseník Priessnitz Hotel Bezruč
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Street: Priessnitzova 12/299
City: Jeseník
Zip Code: 790 01
County: Jeseník
Region: Olomoucký kraj
Mountains / Region: Jeseníky
Recreation centre: Spa Jesenik Priessnitz
Country: Česká republika
Capacity: 113
Type: Spa hotel
Star rating: 3
Elevation above-sea-level: 620
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Spa house Bezruč Spa Jeseník Priessnitz - therapeutic stays in Spa Jeseník ..

Its existence and later fame owes the Jeseník - Graefenberg one man - Vincenz Priessnitz who discovered the curative effect of local cold spring water ind in 1822 on Graefenberg built the first water spa in the world.

From the resort one can with a single glance the impressive panorama of the mountain Hruby Jeseník (Altvatergebirge) with the highest mountain in Moravia Praděd (Altvater -. 1,492 m asl) record.

The protected geographical location gives the bathroom a particularly favorable, moist and even bracing climate, which also thanks to the exceptionally pure, negatively ionized air every season enables an effective spa and leisure travelers.

The local microclimate is suitable for the treatment of respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neurosis, exhaustion and diseases of the musculoskeletal Apartes.

Its existence and later fame owes the Jeseník one man - Vincenz Priessnitz, founder of hydrotherapy, the most Graefenberg built the first water spa in the world in 1822. In the vicinity Des spa spring 80 and registered to the named sources.

The Bad "Priessnitzovy léčebné Lazne AG" has the logo of a lion, symbolizing the victorious path of Priessnitz hydrotherapy, but also a lion who committed that the successor to the famous "water doctor" to continue with pure natural resources together with the latest knowledge science the human health and joy return alive.

Type of rooms
1 bedroom2 bedroomAdditional bed

Furnishings of rooms: rooms in balcony, bathtub, shower, toilet in room, frige, TV, telefon, cable TV, internet Connection, sat tv, minibar, crib available

Basic information: barrier-free Access, laundry, exchange, Information service, medical services to hand, safety box, reserved parking Lot, supervised car park, massage salon, pedicure, Internet Connection, cosmetic Salon, barber - hairdresser

Elevation above-sea-level: 620

Suggestions for hikes: In the close surroundings we recommend to visit the chalky stalactic caves "Na Pomezí" (4 km) or "Na Špičáku" (7 km); the moss lake in the middle of the moor of Rejvíz; the look-out tower "Zlatý Chlum"; "Praděd" - the highest peak of Jeseníky Mountains; the town of Vidnava (18 km) - with the remains of gothic municipal fortifications; the town of Javorník (24 km) - the baroque castle "Jánský - more vrch", the dam located in the highest place with the visit of "Dlouhé stráně" power station (45 km) etc

Accessibility of facility:

Name of centre: (500 m)

Name of bus stop: (20 m)

Airport name: (13 km)

Bus terminal name: (3.5 km)

Railway station name: (2.5 km)

Accommodation Price-list:


Price includes:

Spa services:

Description of spa facility: Hiking and health resort treatments on the Priessnitz tracks: The Jeseník health spa was founded by Vinzenz Priessnitz in 1822. Prior to this, he had experienced the healing effects cold spring water had for himself when he was diagnosed with a supposedly fatal injury after an accident and cured himself with cold water. In 1822, the growing demand for his unorthodox but successful healing methods allowed him to convert his birth
house into a spa house. Through this he set up a health resort where he would later stumble across an unknown water therapy complemented by other elements, a healthy lifestyle and spa benefiting health.

Remedies: The preserved water therapy methods used, combined with knowledge about physiotherapy as well as the climatic conditions of Jeseník spa, today form the foundations for the treatments used in the spa. The practices are complemented by a variety of diagnostic options using the most modern technology and computer- supported equipment.

Healing record: • diseases of the respiratory tract • chronic bronchitis • asthma bronchiole • lung and respiratory conditions – OP • chronic swellings and allergy diseases of the upper respiratory tract • general conditions of exhaustion (stress) • diseases of the locomotor system
• arthritis and spondylosis • menopause • migraines

Contraindications: Acute diseases causing inflammation and malignant tumours • malfunctions of the circulation system • thrombosis and thromobo-phleditisis • labile and decompensated diabetes mellitus • frequent • heavy bleeding of all kinds • cachexia and epilepsy • uretic and stool incontinence • hypertension with diastolic blood pressure over 120 mg HG (16kPa) • pregnancy.

Treatment methods: Carbonic acid, beads, whirlpools, herbs, sulphur, rotations, air springs, iodine baths, dry carbonic acid baths, galvanised baths, Scottish showers, kneippist dipping in outdoor pool (4 x 6 m), Priessnitz-style water practices, underwater gymnastics, paraffin packs, classic massages, reflexology, connective tissue massages, apparative lymph drainage, singular and group gymnastics, strength training, breath gymnastics, ergometer training, terrain treatments with gradual body exposure, relaxation training, singular and room inhalations, diathermia, dia dynamics, magnetotherapy, iontophoresis, sauna, salt grotto, sunlamp, sollux, gas injections.

Spa services: Spa Hotel / House, Spa

Therapeutic procedures: Complete in-house therapy, Hour nurse service, Drinking regime, Oxygen therapy, Medicinal cosmetics, Electrotherapy, Magneto-therapy, Climato-therapy, Dietary therapy, Paraffin therapy, Therapeutic physical training, Massages, Underwater massages, Reflexology, Natural additive baths, Peloid mud wraps, Drinking therapy

Examination procedures: Entry and exit examination by physician, EKG, Basic biochemical examination

Natural therapeutic sources: Peloid mud, Climato-therapy - Alpine atmosphere

Treating diseases of indication: Circulation organs, heart and vascular diseases, Metabolism disorders and disorders of internal secretion glands, Respiratory organs (Non-tubercular), Mental disabilities, Female and gynaecological disorders, Skin diseases and burns

Other types of therapy: Acupuncture, Sleep, Relaxation walks, Climato-therapy


Restaurant: Jídelna (Seating capacity 48)


Sport activity opportunities:
Sauna, Bike routes, Whirpool

Congress services:
Barrier-free Access, Telephone, Stage, Fax, TV, Video , Laser Pointer, CD Player, Slide Projector, Data projector, Showroom, Cassette Player, Blackboard, Internet Connection, Dance Floor, Speaker Stand, Copier, Sound Services, Special Lighting, PC, Coat Room, Safety box, Projection screen, Flower Arrangements, Flipchart, Wireless microphone

For arrangement of congress, symposia, seminars, cultural and social events, the Priessnitz Spa Health Resort offers rooms with the capacity of 12 to 400 places (39 - 450 m2) for rent, with the choice of video - or audio equipment to rent, plus arrangement of board and lodging, or other kind of services.

Capacity for conferences:
Congress Hall No. 1 (Seating capacity 400)

Lounge no.1 (Seating capacity 12)

Lounge no.2 (Seating capacity 25)

Conference Room No.1 (Seating capacity 88)

Conference Room No.2 (Seating capacity 66)

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SPA Jeseník Priessnitz Hotel BezručSPA Jeseník Priessnitz Hotel BezručSPA Jeseník Priessnitz Hotel Bezruč
Tel. reservation: +420 775 684 048
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