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Apartments FATRA Ružomberok, Ružomberok Accommodation

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Pension Apartments FATRA Ružomberok - SKIPARK MALINO BRDO accommodation Hrabovská Dolina..

FATRAPARK apartments are located in an exclusive area only 100m from the gondola lift , right in the center , which makes these attractive apartments . They are really only a few yards from the longest artificially snow-covered slopes in Slovakia (3.9 km) from Malino Brdo to Hrabovska valley .

FATRAPARK apartment house is located in the beautiful valley in Hrabovska Ružomberku in the immediate vicinity of SKIPARK Malino Brdo over Hrabovska dam . Its location , pleasant environment , services will satisfy even the most demanding visitor. Coordinates lovers will appreciate the silence , nature , hiking, ski sports and restful sleep . Is ideal for a holiday full of unforgettable experiences for families with children can have fun in the vicinity ( meadow, forest ) , as well as business travelers .

Apartment house FATRAPARK - Accommodation: The apartments have electric heating . The bathroom has underfloor heating . Hot water is covered by separate electric boiler. Each apartment has cable TV and Internet connection . Some apartments have a balcony . All apartments have a kitchenette . Kitchens are equipped with kitchen, cooking utensils , electric cooker fridge , kettle , microwave.

Skiing - Winter sports - PARK - RUŽOMBEROK

The famous ski resort Park Ruzomberok
is situated on the slopes of the Great Fatra the town of Ruzomberok . It is a popular resting place for both local visitors and foreign tourists . It is one of the most modern resorts in Slovakia , with a high standard of service , service program . The resort offers 12 km of ski runs , the longest of which measured up to 3900 m altitude surpass the 698 m difference is the longest artificial snow slopes in Slovakia .

There are 4 - chair lift, 2 ski lifts and 4 ski lifts for beginners and children . Every weekend and during holidays to visitors of the ski resort interesting events and competitions for the whole family ( snowtubing - ride on a special rubber tire , ice tower - something for those who want to try the basics of climbing, various competitions in skiing , snow park for children, etc. . ) . well as ski school , ski service, rental equipment , ski

Type of rooms

Furnishings of rooms: shower, toilet in room, TV, internet Connection, sat tv, rooms with Kitchen

Basic information: exchange, reserved parking Lot, pets allowed

Suggestions for hikes: RAFTS - FLOATING RAFT ON THE RIVER "ORAVA" 25 km
Rafting - today it is a romance, in the past it meant hard work of our fathers. People used to float wood, hay, corn, potery, linen, stones, and wooden shingles down the Orava river for long centuries. During the cruise you have unique views of Orava castle and you come back to the past at least for a short time. Rafting from Horná Lehota to Oravský Podzámok takes 1 hour, the capacity of the raft - 12 people. Available in May, June, September, October by order and July, August.
During the romantic cruise you can have unique views of the ruins of Starý hrad (Old castle) and old castle of Strečno. The cruise takes 1 hour, the capacity of the raft - 12 people. Available in May, June, September, October by order and July, August.
The mountains of Great Fatra, Low and West Tatras and Choč mountains provide many marked tourist routes - undemanding walks suitable for families with children, walks through valleys, climbing hills and demanding ridge tours.
Is one of the most beautiful valleys of Great Fatra. Bathing, hunting, picking mushrooms are available. Undemanding walk (suitable for children) through the valley.
■LIPTOV SHEEPFARMS - buying sheep products is possible
SALAŠ KRAJINKA - is located in a charming environment of Liptov fold where you can experience mountain farming. There is a wooden chalet, you can see sheep lactation, production of sheep´s whey, cheese and you can also buy original sheep cheese and various kinds of sheep cheese.
Bathing in Hrabovo reservoir, boating, undemanding tours to Malino Brdo, passenger ropeway to Malino Brdo, nice view of Great Fatra, Low Fatra, Choč Mountains, Low and High Tatras, visiting Liptov chalet
■SALATÍN HILL 1630 M - 25 KM
Salatín hill is located in the area of the National park Low Tatras. It is considered to be the hill with the best view in Slovakia. You can get there through Ludrovská valley (10 km long) where you can see various karstic phenomena. (f.e., caves, springs).
Climbing Choč mountain (1611 m) is one of the unforgettable tours. It is a medium-demanding trial, beginning from Jánošíkova krčma (inn), where Juraj Jánošík was caught according to traditions. After a 2.5 km climbing you have an all round view of Liptov and Orava scenery.
It is a medium demanding climb to Šíp - rocky hill (1169 m) with a nice view of Váh and Orava valley. Going back you can visit mounatin cottage called Podšíp, which is well known for its folk architecture.
Kvačianska valley was declared Natural Reservation and, together with Prosiecka valley, belong to the nicest valleys in Slovakia. Joining the two valleys into one tour we get one of the most popular trips in Liptov. In Kvačianska valley there are two original water-mills with working technology. Prosiecka valley attracts the visitors because of its educational path. It is well known because of its rocky canyons, waterfalls, Sokol ravine and rocky shelves.
CAVES - 35 km
We recommend all tourist classes to visit the world-known caves - CAVE OF LIBERTY - belongs to the top ten of the nicest caves in Europe. It is the biggest and most beautiful of 30 caves in Demänovský kras (karst). Length 7 km - 2 km accessible to the public. There are various manycolour stalactic formations and the underground flow of the Demänovka river. There are also numerous underground lakes and unique sinter water lilies and it is great at richness in stalagmite formations.
It is 1,750 m long. Ice filling occurs in the lower parts of the cave. Ice filling exists in the form of ground ice, ice pillars, ice stalagmites and stalactites. A finding place of cave bear and other vertebrates bones which were considered to be the bones of dragons in the middle of the 18th century. The cave has been known since time immemorial.
It is located in the eastern part of Low Tatras, 530 m long with stalactites, stalagmites and sinter lakes. The cave is one of the most important winter refuges of bats-Myotis mystacinus and Myotis brandti in Slovakia.
It is 6 km long, not open to pubic.
In Liptov region there are optimal conditions for road bike lovers. The motorway connecting Ivachnová and Važec enables other minor roads with lower density of traffic to practise this kind of sport. The most popular routes - round Liptovská Mara, across Čiernovážská valley or Demänovská valley. Many tourists combine walking with cycling.
Recommended Routes:
■Cycle tours Ružomberok
From Ružomberok to Biely Potok - 15 minutes. At the end of the village next to Vlčí dvor - motel turn off the main road. Turn right, along the cow barn. At the next crossroad turn left and through the Trlenská valley you get to Vlkolínec/ UNESCO-monument. Length - 18 km, medium difficulty.
South of Ružomberok through the village of Biely Potok. You can use the main road, or cycle routes (red colour), you get soon to Podsuchá (Bodega inn). You can harden your body in cold water. Back - the same road. Length - 21 km, difficulty - easy.
■Circuit around the Liptovská Mara reservoir 40 km
Bešeňová - Liptovská Sielnica - Liptovský Mikuláš - Partizánska Ľupča
■Lower Liptov - 58 km
Ružomberok - Liptovská Osada - Liptovská Lužná - Železné - Partizánska Ľupča - Bešeňová - Ružomberok
■Demänovská valley - 16 km
Liptovský Mikuláš - Jasná

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